Dog Show Stereotypes

Dog Show Stereotypes

With the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show coming up in less than a week we’re getting into the season where any and everyone has an opinion for or against the show and any dog show in general.

Over the years Dog Shows have gained a negative stereotype that I hope to help bring us away from. It is hard to talk about this stereotype without touching on the stereotype against purebred dogs as well. I will touch on this but hope to save the majority of purebred dog stereotypes and the negative stigma they have today for a future post where I’ll focus on that along.

Here are some of these stereotypes:

  • Dog shows are nothing but beauty pageants for dogs.
  • Show dogs are all inbred and riddled with health problems.
  • Show dogs are judged for appearances, the standard has nothing to do with function.
  • Dog shows perpetuate inhumane practices such as cropping of ears and docking of tails.
  • Behavior of the dog doesn’t matter at all, they could be neurotic and aggressive.
  • It’s the “racism” of the animal kingdom.
  • It encourages eugenics principles.

Over the next week I’ll be going over one or two of these a day to show why these stereotypes are nothing more than misconceptions.


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