Dog Show Stereotypes – The Answers Part 2 of 4

Dog Show Stereotypes – The Answers Part 2 of 4

More answers and misconceptions.

3.) Show dogs are judged for appearances, the standard has nothing to do with function.

To the outside observer, this would be the case. It appears as though the standards aren’t for anything but cosmetic reasons. That is not actually the case though. Each apparently insignificant thing has a purpose. At the very least, that purpose is to fulfill what has worked for years to benefit the dog in doing their job. However, at the very best these seemingly arbitrary rules are for the betterment and health of the breed. The main example of this rule which applies to many dog breeds, is that only a certain amount of white is allowed for dogs. This appears to be arbitrary, but in fact, this has a very important health reason behind it. For dogs that aren’t meant to be white, like Samoyed’s, having too much white, especially around their eyes or ears, can be a sign that the dog will either already be blind or deaf, or that they will high a high likelihood of becoming so.

4.) Dog shows perpetuate inhumane practices such as cropping of ears and docking of tails.

This is a very difficult topic for many. It’s one that I myself have gone back and forth over the years. This is one that is more based in opinion than in fact and everyone will have their own opinions of this so I will say my peace and go forward.

Cropping and Docking when done properly and early enough doesn’t affect dogs too much. Some argue that docking tails impedes the natural communication between dogs, but if that were true then it also affects dogs with full tails that are tightly curled, hung over their backs, or in any other fashion beyond hanging straight also would have difficulty communicating. With ear cropping on certain dogs, it helps alleviate ear infection problems.

This practice is also under near constant criticism to the point that certain kennel clubs have removed cropped ears and docked tails from standards. The practice is all but outlawed in the UK.


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