The Science behind “Positive” training.

The Science behind “Positive” training.

Positive training is a training method which is based on Positive reinforcement.

This means that, rather than punishing an animal for doing something which you do not like, or ignoring them, and instead of forcing them to do what you want them to do, you encourage them to do what you want, without force, and you reward them when they do what you want. It’s been proven that positive reinforcement, specifically “Variable-Interval” reinforcement is the best method of teaching anything how to do something you want them to.

Now what does this mean?

This means that by training your dog using positive, non force methods and that, once the dog “gets” what you’re asking, if you reward them in an unscheduled and unexpected basis your dog will not only learn what you want of them, but continue to do so.

That is because your dog will have been taught that by doing  an action they get rewarded. After a period of time, the treats and rewards became less frequent, but because they cannot estimate when a reward will happen and when it won’t, the dog is encouraged to continue the behavior.

What this means for you?

As an owner, the best way to train your dog, the most dog friendly and with the greatest results is by training using positive reinforcement. This will not only give you a well-behaved dog, but you can make training like this into a game which will only help you in bonding with your dog.

Resources for more on Positive Reinforcement:


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