What is a Puppy Mill

What is a Puppy Mill

In my “Responsible Dog Owner” post I mentioned how to acquire a dog. One way which many people may get their dogs, either intentionally or unintentionally, is through a puppy mill. This is not a responsible way to get a dog though. You will hear this reiterated by just about everyone in the pet owning world as well. Here is why.

A puppy mill breeder is not a breeder who tests their animals for health, raises puppies with love and encouragement, never over breeds a dame, or any other numbers of things which responsible breeders do to make sure their animals are happy and healthy at all times.
A puppy mill breeder is in breeding not for the betterment of a breed and not because they want to continue good temperament they have in their dog.
A puppy mill breeder is in breeding for nothing but the money. They will breed a dog until she cannot have puppies anymore. They will not do the required health tests and will breed dogs with faults, health problems, and bad temperaments. They will sell dogs on the internet without requiring the Perspective buyer to meet the dog, and they will ship the dog out. They will not ask buyers questions before selling a dog. They will not require any kind of contract. If for any reason a person cannot keep a dog, they don’t want to hear about it.
These people do not take responsibility for what they do and do not believe they should. They keep animals in horrendous conditions and many do not believe they are doing anything wrong.
The people who purchase from them are either uninformed or unknowing. Many people will look online and see a picture of a dog who they fall in love with, when they hear that they can have the dog in a week and they don’t have to do anything but pay a couple hundred, they’re sold. Puppy mills are also a frequent supplier for any pet you will get from a Pet Store. Many people who go this route may not know what they are doing because in a world of convenience and instant gratification, it would appear to these people as though this is how it should work.
That is not the case.
When looking for a dog the only options you should entertain are responsible no-kill shelters or responsible breeders. Please, do your homework before deciding to bring a dog into your home, and when you do, do so responsibly.


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