“Life Saving” Commands – Part 1

“Life Saving” Commands – Part 1

There are three commands which I like to call “life saving” commands. These commands are: Recall, Wait, and Leave it.
To me, if your dog knows these and knows them well then you are on the right track to not only protecting your dog from the inevitable possibilities of the world, but you’re helping build a bond between you and your dog.
Recall: This is just teaching your dog to come when called. In teaching this you are not only making sure they will return in any situation, but you are teaching your dog that they can trust you. It is important to train a recall command because you never know what the world holds for you. Your dog could get out through an unlatched or faulty fence. They could see something while in a walk and dart so quickly that the leash is pulled from your hands. You could be on vacation while a friend is watching them and they could get scared and run. There are any number of things that could happen which causes your dog to be loose. If a recall command has been properly trained and enforced then what could become a terrifying situation for both you and your pet into no problem what so ever.


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