“Live Saving” Commands – Part 2

“Live Saving” Commands – Part 2

The second of the three commands I feel are life-saving and completely essential for all dogs to know is “Wait”.

This command is important for a multitude of reasons and in addition to helping you, it will help your dog in the long run.

Wait: We know to take a moment to check the cross ways before we cross the street. We know to eat slowly and carefully otherwise we can get sick, or hurt, or worse. We know that sometimes waiting is the best, but sometimes it’s not. Our dogs however don’t know any of this or more. Knowing a “Wait” command could mean the difference between running into the street before you have a chance to look. It could mean getting your pet to take a moment before you give them their food, causing them not to inhale it the moment it’s put down. It could mean calmly taking a toy so as not to scare or possibly hurt a person who is giving it to them. And one instance which no owner wants to have happen, it could mean gaining your pets attention as he or she darts off out of your reach. This command could be the difference between a lost or injured (or worse) dog, and one at home. In combination with a recall command, this can save you the worry and hurt that comes from a dog getting away while in sight of you.


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