“Life Saving” Commands – Part 3

“Life Saving” Commands – Part 3

The final command on my list of “Life savers” is a “Leave it” command.

Leave it: You can use whatever word you want, Leave it is simply what my family has always used. The important thing is that this command is used to get your dog to drop or give you something they have in their mouth, or to keep them from even picking something up. That thing could be as simple as a toy which you want them to give to you, or as dangerous as poisonous as floor cleaner that they somehow got hold of. It’s not only convenient that your dog will give items to you when you want them to, but as usually it’s not as clear cut as that. You never know what life may throw at you. You might think that you can keep your dog safe from household chemicals or dangerous plants, but your dog has it’s own mind. As he grows you might learn that he can reach things you thought were secure. While on a walk she might pick up a stick from a poisonous tree or might dig into a bee or hornet hive. In being able to command them to “Leave it” or the command you use, you can save your dog pain, hurt, and possibly even death by getting them to let go or or ignore the item.


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