Things of Ireland : Dog Breeds and Names of Ireland

Things of Ireland : Dog Breeds and Names of Ireland

It’s unfortunate that today has become more about drinking and less about actual interests in Irish history and nationality.

Here are a few of the wonderful pieces of Ireland that last in the form of dog breeds and names! Take note of these between pints for me.

Irish Breeds:

There are some very obvious ones, with their nationality literally in the name

  • Irish Setter
    • Wonderful hunting companion who is (primarily) eager to please
  • Irish Wolf Hound
    • One of the largest breeds of dog. That size is nothing to be scared of though, this breed is traditionally very kind-hearted!
  • Irish Water Spaniel
    • Another great hunting dog who would be happy to join you for a swim (or a few tosses of a tennis ball) any day.
  • Irish Terrier
  • Irish Red and White Setter

Some others are a little less obvious

  • Kerry Blue Terrier
    • Like many terriers this dog was bred to control vermin. They are known for their iconic “Blue” coat.
  • Glen of Imaal Terrier
  • Lurcher
    • Stealthy and cunning, this dog is not yet to the point of being “Purebred” meaning it is a breed in the making. Some are bred more for herding abilities, others for hunting.
  • (Arguably) Border Collie
  • Kerry Beagle

One thing that’s important to note is that all of these dogs were bred for a purpose. All of these are working and active breeds who had jobs, and many of them are still bred to do those jobs in Ireland and abroad. Border Collies were bred for herding and for the intense “eye” that they can give the sheep. Wolfhounds were bred not only to protect land, but to hunt alongside their people in the lowlands.

Now for some Irish names you might want to consider, some popular, some not, and all Irish.

  • Aiden
    • Meaning little fire.
  • Brady
    • Meaning spirited and broad
  • Bran
    • Meaning Raven
  • Brennen
    • Also meaning Raven. Very popular after Saint Brennan.
  • Bridget
    • Celtic Goddess (now Saint). For vigor, strength, power.
  • Canagan
    • Meaning little wolf
  • Cass
    • Meaning curly-headed
  • Clara
    • Meaning Bright
  • Colleen
    • Meaning Little Girl
  • Derry
    • Meaning red-haired and Oak (strong tough red wood)
  • Douglas
    • Meaning dark water
  • Dugan
    • Also meaning darkness, dark of skin
  • Erin
    • A name for the old name of Ireland
  • Felan
    • Meaning like the wolf
  • Fergus
    • Meaning strength and Power
  • Flynn
    • Meaning red or ruddy
  • Gallagher
    • Meaning eager helper
  • Hugh
    • Name for an ancient Celtic god. Meaning heart and spirit
  • Kane
    • Meaning fighter or Tribute
  • Kerry
    • County in Ireland, also means Dark and Dusky
  • Larkin
    • Meaning Rough and Fierce
  • Lia
    • Meaning hard-working and strong
  • Macree
    • Meaning of grace
  • Murphy
    • Meaning warrior of the sea
  • Nolan
    • Meaning of renown and noble
  • Oran
    • Meaning pale
  • Pooka
    • Meaning goblin and fiendish
  • Rohan
    • Meaning little red one
  • Rosaleen
    • Meaning flower or rose
  • Shella
    • Meaning clear or blue
  • Tara
    • Meaning queen or diamond

Do any of you have dogs with Irish names? Any of them listed here or do you have another?

Do you have a dog with a name of particular meaning or purpose? What made you choose it?

Leave your answer in the comments below, or Tweet me @yourpositivedog !


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