Training Tools – Part 3: The Ugly

Training Tools – Part 3: The Ugly

Lastly, here are some tools which many people still use but which should not be used. I call these the “ugly” parts of training. These items have no place in positive training methods and are rooted in negative reinforcement and in punishment.

  • Choke Collars
    • These have been called “training” or “pinch” collars in addition to many other names but regardless of what they are called, they are choke collars which are meant to choke your dog if they attempt to pull on their leash while walking. In addition to not being an effective method of stopping the behavior, this sort of tool can cause long-standing health problems for your pet in addition to harming the pet’s relationship and trust in you.
  • Prong Collars
    • Just as bad as choke collars but with the addition of metal prongs meant to point in on the dog’s neck. This way, when the dog pulls in addition to getting the pull from the collar itself those prongs will push into the neck causing a more severe punishment. This also has all of the same negatives of the choke collar with one even more severe. The prongs of the collar can puncture the skin of the dog causing serious pain and lasting damage.
  • Dominance
    • I have gone in-depth into why Dominance based training methods are not to be used. They are not only based in incorrect science, but they also train reactively rather than proactively. By training in this way you might initially see results, but those results may not last and your dog will be faced with very debilitating stress and anxiety.

As with the previous posts, I could probably go on about each of these tools/methods for much longer but this is meant to be simply an overview. I would simply say as I have previously, if something doesn’t feel right or if you aren’t comfortable at the thought of using something, simply don’t.


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