The Yellow Ribbon Project – What you should know

The Yellow Ribbon Project – What you should know

This idea has been making the rounds pretty regularly over the past few months and so I felt it time for me to weigh in. The thought behind this is that a yellow ribbon, or a yellow collar or leash, will notify people around you that your dog needs space. To me, this is a wonderful idea. I believe that all people should give pets and people more room than they are already given, but that said I do recognize that having people do so might be asking too much. To have some way of notifying people for the dogs that specifically need more space would be a great thing to get off the ground. For those who are injured, frightened, young and training, or any number of other things, this would be a wonderful concept.

I am worried though. Worried that some might see this as not asking for space, but an admittance that their dog is dangerous or aggressive. That is not what this is about but I can see people viewing it as such. People will look at the yellow notice as a “Warning” sign, not a “Yield” sign. People will look at this as an admittance of guilt rather than as it should be, looking for patience and calm.

Do I believe this is reason enough to not attempt doing this in our neighborhoods and towns? No, I don’t. I think we should do what we can and get the people around us to look at this as it should be, to try. I believe that if we could get those around us to know what a Yellow Ribbon means, that the idea will spread beyond our friends groups and our neighborhoods. This image and idea has been circulating the internet dog world for months as I mentioned earlier, but it needs to spread beyond the dog world. We need to share it with our friends who don’t own dogs but maybe have kids, or with people who work in stores and parks. If people learn what it means, there is less of a possibility of people wondering and coming to their own conclusions about what it is.


3 thoughts on “The Yellow Ribbon Project – What you should know

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    Thanks for your post. This is the first I have read about this movement and I think it is a great idea. I agree that it will take some time to get the word out to dog owners and non dog owners, but every journey starts with one step.


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