Quick and Easy Treat-Dispensing Toy

Quick and Easy Treat-Dispensing Toy

Treat-dispensing toys are some of the greatest tools an owner can have to keep their pets entertained and occupied. Though one should always keep an eye on their pets, especially if there is a chance of your dog breaking off and swallowing a piece of something they shouldn’t. I always recommend watching a pet closely the first few times they play with a new toy to see how they interact with the toy. This way you can get a baseline of how they interact when they are the most frustrated with it, as it is newest then.

There are many different treat-dispensing toys on the market, but if you’re a little ingenuitive you can make your own for just a couple of dollars.

My favorite tools for making a quick and easy treat-dispensing toy are a whiffle ball and some scrap t-shirts. Simply cut the sleeve off of a t-shirt and disconnect the loop and cut strips length-wise. Take a strip and push this through one hole and out the hole most opposite, leaving the two ends outside. Knot these ends and pull to be sure the knot is secure and will not come through the hole easily. Do this again with two or more strips at various angles. These will make it more difficult but still possible for the treats you put inside of the toy to come out.

If you want to make it even more difficult put additional scaps of fabric inside of the ball and leave them loose. This will create an additional barrier to keep the treats inside but will be removable for your dog. If you do this do not leave your pet unattended as you will want to be sure to remove any loose scraps that are pulled out before your pet becomes interested in eating them.

And now you have a very simple but very enjoyable treat dispensing toy for your pet, and you’re not out $10 or more!


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