Why I Love Breeders!

Why I Love Breeders!

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a fan of breeders. In the current world, this is not the norm and is not very widely accepted as a responsible viewpoint to have if you are a fan of animals. The socially accepted interest is to be in love with shelters and rescue organizations. My problem with these is that they have a very biased view and are, at least in many ways, doing the exact same things breeders are doing.

Now, does this mean that there aren’t bad breeders in the world? No, there absolutely are. However, many of those people who sing the praises of shelters won’t accept that there are also bad shelters in the world. There are shelters which are basically slaughter houses which don’t do anything beyond intake and kill. There are shelters which do nothing but send out unhealthy animals who have such a short likelihood of living more than a few days. There are even more which will “adopt” out dogs, who most likely came from the same “puppy mills” that shelter’s basically equate with the devil, for more than a breeder might ask for a healthy and well raised pet.

If you do your research and seek out a responsible shelter you may be able to find an amazing pet. In a best case scenario that shelter will not ask for anywhere near the cost of housing and keeping the pet healthy. That shelter will know as much about the dog as they can and will have done as much as they could before you get to take them home. That shelter will use the little money they charged you to help future animals come into the shelter. They will also only euthanize animals who are beyond help, either in health or in temperament, but only after doing as much as they could.

With responsible breeders though, you will know everything and then some. These puppies will have been in their breeders mind for at least a few months before they were even made by the dame and sire. And then, they would have gotten the most care and consideration before being born. From health screenings to a high nutrient diet to even more! When they were born they would have gotten the most care and would be watched over by not only the dogs but by the breeder. More screenings and conscious diets and more would all go into their growth. In addition to all of this they would be placed with soon to be owners before they are even born in many situations. These owners will have been interviewed, checked, spoken too, and have filled out many, many pages of paperwork before being able to say they would soon be able to choose one of these pups. None of the decision making would have to do with if they want a boy or girl, or if they want specific coloring or eye color. Instead, it would have to do with whether or not the possible owners knew what they were getting into. Whether they know about the breeds possible temperaments. What the housing situation would be like for the dog. Many other quality questions would be asked more than the “Can you pay” that most shelters will ask.

So yes, I like breeders. I like thinking that the pet I choose was made consciously, that it will only ever have one family, that it will never know the feeling of being abandoned, and that in choosing a well bred dog I am benefiting the breed as well as the future of all dogs.


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