About Me

So here’s me. I’m a 22 year old with a BA in Religious Studies. When I was younger my family had an English Collie Mix, then a Golden Retriever. My family went through a long period of time where we did not have any pets. In late 2013 when I moved into my first place I got a Cat, Spaz, from a shelter near me (my apartment didn’t allow dogs and neither does my current apartment). Early in 2014 my parents got two English Bulldog and Beagle Crossbreed dogs from a breeder (more on this in a future post).
That’s my official life with pets. However, it goes deeper. People closest to me will tell you that I am a tome of random knowledge, especially when it comes to dogs. I have spent months and months, probably years actually, of my life pouring over dog training and dog breed books. Dog behavior fascinates me. Dog psychology is intriguing. I will watch dog shows over and over until I can determine, or rather estimate, why one Border Collie was chosen over another in the Best of Breed ring and why a Bearded Collie won the Best of Group over that Dog.
I love dogs and have finally decided to stop saying “I want to be a Dog Trainer” and start building the tools I need to say “I am a Dog Trainer”
That starts with this blog where I will show what I know, how I back it up, and eventually I will be able to show possible clients this blog and tell them, “Look at this and decide if you want me to be your trainer.” I firmly believe in positive reinforcement and in the idea that, if a method doesn’t feel right that you should reevaluate what you are doing.


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