Training Rates

I have various costs and a few cost saving plans available. In general, all training is done one-on-one and I will come to you! I do not board-and-train as it is my belief that it’s more important to show you how to train, versus me teach your dog.

The first plan I have available is an 8 Session plan spread over 8-10 weeks plus 1 optional follow-up in a month.  This is currently $750.

The second plan is a 10 Session plan over 10-12 weeks plus 1 optional follow-up in a month. This is currently just $850.

These plans are a one-time fee for the full plan and do need to be paid at one time before the first session

If you’re not ready to commit to a plan you can pay by the session, and the more sessions you have, the less you have to pay. An initial session will cost $125, a second session is $115, and then all subsequent sessions will be just $100. This is a flat rate and if your session goes into a full hour, two hours, or more you will not have to pay any more!

I also do pet evaluations. These are before you choose to commit to a training plan, a session, or anything. I will take 30 minutes with you and your pet and we will simply chat. I will ask what you’d like to learn, how much history you have with dogs and your dog, and generally get to know you. I’ll also include time to let you question me. The first evaluation I do for anyone is free. If you ever want a second evaluation, or if you get a new dog and want a new evaluation, it will only be $50.

Lastly, If you’re looking for your new family member and would like help finding a breeder or shelter pet that will fit with your family, I offer consulting! This means that I will sit down with you and your family and help you determine what you are looking for in a new dog. From there I help you determine if a breeder or shelter pet is the way to go, and will work with you as far as you want, whether it’s just through the determination stages, or if i goes all the way to picking out the individual dog with you! Because of the flexibility of this cost can vary but the cap is $200 for this and we will determine the pricing when we start so that you will know what to expect when we begin.

Please get contact me at if you have any questions or if you are in NE Ohio and are looking for training! There are also some different discounts available, including one for having found me through this blog. Get in touch with me if you’d like any information on these!


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